Goku’s New Strongest Dragon Ball Super Transformation Gets Official Name

The newest Ultra Instinct transformation that Goku reached in Dragon Ball Super finally got an official name, which makes it even more mysterious.

The newest, most powerful transformation that Goku reached in Dragon Ball Super finally got an official name. Since its debut, Goku’s Ultra Instinct went through several stages, all with different names, but fans were still wondering what to call the transformation that the Saiyan warrior obtained during his fight against Gas. The official Dragon Ball website answered that question.

Ultra Instinct was originally taught to Goku by Whis, an Angel in the service of the Lord of Destruction Beerus. Whis explained that, by erasing one’s consciousness, this technique allows the body to move and fight independently of thoughts and emotions. Angels are constantly in this state, which is recognized as a properly divine technique, one that could make the user unbeatable even by gods. Goku achieved this transformation in the fight against Jiren due to being backed against a wall but has since been unable to control it, having a hard time fully repressing his emotions. During the training and battles that followed, Goku reached several levels of this transformation: Ultra Instinct Sign, Autonomous Ultra Instinct, and finally the Perfected Ultra Instinct. However, there was one more, hidden step of the technique.

During the fight against Gas, both Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego were useless against the villain’s overwhelming power, obtained through a wish to the Dragon Balls, forcing the two Saiyans to push past their limits once again. After learning of his father Bardock’s past battle against Gas, and realizing that casting his emotions away does not suit his personality at all, Goku develops his own version of Ultra Instinct in chapter #85 of the series, which instead turns his emotions into strength. This form remained unnamed in the manga, but Twitter user @DBSChronicle, who usually provides accurate Dragon Ball Super translations and news, noted that an official summary for chapter #85, published on the Dragon Ball website, referred to Goku’s transformation as “True Ultra Instinct”.

There are still many mysteries surrounding Goku’s True UItra Instinct. For example, Bardock seemed to instinctively use a similar transformation to defeat Gas in his flashback, but that should not be possible. Also, Goku’s version of the technique completely reverses Ultra Instinct’s premise, raising the question of why it should be called in that way at all. Also, Goku displayed some new abilities, such as the creation of a giant energy avatar, that are still unexplained. Finally, why is this form called “true” Ultra Instinct? What’s the secret behind it? What is certain is that both Goku and Vegeta are taking the teaching of Whis and Beerus and developing them in their own, unique ways, which makes their progress even more exciting.

Transformations and power-ups have been Dragon Ball’s trademark feature since the beginning of the manga. The divine techniques, Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, have replaced Super Saiyan variations lately, but it’s good to see that the series is still evolving these concepts. Thanks to a diligent Dragon Ball Super fan, readers now are aware of the name of Goku’s most recent and powerful form, True Ultra Instinct.

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