Dragon Ball’s Deadliest Killer Has the Most Disgusting Weapon

While there are many ruthless killers in the Dragon Ball universe, none of them are as impressive as the one who uses an absolutely disgusting weapon.

There is no shortage of deadly killers in the Dragon Ball universe as even the series’ heroes have murdered their fair share of people, aliens, and bio-androids, though one of them stands above the rest as the deadliest of them all—at least, while wielding an absolutely disgusting weapon.

In the early chapters of Dragon Ball, the manga was more of a fun-loving adventure rather than an endless barrage of universe-ending threats that Goku and co. have to deal with by unlocking absurd levels of power. In those early days, Goku was looking for Dragon Balls with Bulma and his other friends as well as entering in martial arts tournaments, all of which were strictly done for fun. However, that isn’t to say there weren’t challenges along the way and bad guys to overcome. The older villains just weren’t as intense as the later ones as they weren’t blowing up planets or gruesomely consuming the heroes’ loved ones—though some of them did prove to be just as deadly, including one killer in particular: Taopaipai.

Taopaipai made his debut in Dragon Ball Chapter 85 by Akira Toriyama, and he didn’t waste any time proving how deadly he truly was. In this chapter, the established villain General Blue with the Red Ribbon Army returns to his organization’s base of operations with the Dragon Radar he stole from Goku and Bulma. While the general expects praise from his superiors, he is threatened with a death sentence as his orders were to bring back the Dragon Balls, and even though his find will help the army find the Dragon Balls, he still failed to carry out his orders. However, the leader of the Red Ribbon Army was feeling merciful and decided to let General Blue fight for his life rather than just execute him. Moments later, General Blue was standing face to face with Taopaipai aka the greatest assassin in the world, but just a few moments after that, General Blue would be dead. Taopaipai wasn’t intimidated by General Blue in the least and didn’t even think it was necessary to use his hands or feet in their fight. Instead, Taopaipai decided to use a truly disgusting weapon: his tongue.

General Blue was initially shocked by Taopaipai’s choice of weaponry, but he was also pleased as he believed that he would easily be able to beat someone who was only fighting with their tongue. Unfortunately for Blue, he was dead wrong. After dodging a few of Blue’s clumsy attacks, Taopaipai struck a precise blow on Blue’s temple with his tongue, killing him instantly. This example of deadly power is perhaps the most impressive in the entire Dragon Ball mythos as it not only proves strength but also unparalleled precision and razor-sharp focus. Most other Dragon Ball villains explode with power and use their vast energy to wipe out entire civilizations or threaten the fate of the universe. While those bad guys are no joke, their methods seem less impressive than Taopaipai’s even though it is on a much larger scale.

In a universe like Dragon Ball’s, creating giant explosions seems to be a given as it is something almost anyone can do, hero or villain. However, not everyone can kill a man with their tongue—which is why Taopaipai has to be Dragon Ball’s deadliest killer (if not its most creative), and he has his disgusting weapon to thank for that impressive title.
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