A Forgotten Dragon Ball Villain Could Beat Vegeta With One Move

While Vegeta is able to wield the power of a God of Destruction, his god-tier strength wouldn’t be able to save him against one Dragon Ball villain.

Even though Vegeta has proven himself to be one of the most powerful fighters in the entire Dragon Ball universe, one forgotten villain could beat him with a single move regardless of Vegeta’s god-tier strength.

Vegeta made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Chapter 204 by Akira Toriyama. While Vegeta was introduced as a bad guy, he quickly joined forces with Goku and the Z Fighters in later stories and has since become a main member of the team of heroes. Now, in the current continuity of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta works tirelessly alongside Goku to keep getting stronger so that they can defeat anyone who is a threat to the Earth. In that effort, Goku and Vegeta have studied with two otherworldly beings: the angel Whis and the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus. Goku learned the angelic power of Ultra Instinct from Whis and Vegeta recently mastered the God of Destruction’s Ultra Ego, making them two of the most powerful mortal fighters in the known universe.

In Dragon Ball Chapter 104 by Akira Toriyama, Goku and his friends have unwittingly entered into a tournament from hell after seeking out Fortuneteller Baba in an effort to locate the last Dragon Ball they need to have all seven, making them eligible for a single wish from the mystical dragon Shenron. When they arrived at Baba’s house, she told them that they could either pay her an exorbitant amount of money for a fortune or win her tournament and she’d tell them what they wanted to know for free. While the first three fighters pretty much went down without a hitch, Goku found himself facing a truly hellish opponent in this chapter: Akku, the devil himself. Unworried about fighting the Saiyan child, Akku uses a move that harnesses all of the evil inside someone’s mind and makes them explode, killing them instantly with the sins of their own soul. However, Goku had absolutely no traces of evil inside of him whatsoever, so Akku’s greatest attack didn’t work and the demon was swiftly defeated.

While Akku’s evil-harnessing technique had no effect on Goku, it would have absolutely worked against Vegeta even in the character’s current state within the pages of Dragon Ball Super. From the context of Dragon Ball Chapter 104, the power level of Akku’s opponent doesn’t seem to be relevant to the usefulness of his devastating technique, so if he were to go up against Vegeta even in Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct form, Akku would be able to defeat him in an instant. The inner workings of Vegeta’s mind have always been in turmoil despite the fact that Vegeta hasn’t been a villain for some time. Vegeta still holds an air of superiority that comes with Saiyan pride, making him a bit intolerant of those he thinks are beneath him. Plus, Vegeta is constantly jealous of Goku’s achievements, which is quite literally a deadly sin that would become Vegeta’s undoing if he ever faced this foe.

Not only does Vegeta carry jealous turmoil and mild bigotry with him even in the current continuity of Dragon Ball Super, but he has also held onto the evils of his past. Vegeta has been responsible for countless murders and even participated in planetary genocide while working for Lord Frieza, and he didn’t always hate it. Originally, Vegeta relished in his villainous conquests and actively sought out his next victims, and while he is a good guy now, that kind of past evil doesn’t just go away no matter how much good one does afterwards. All-in-all, a move that harnesses someone’s evil and uses it against them no matter how powerful they are would absolutely work on Vegeta, and one forgotten Dragon Ball villain has that precise capability.
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