10 Best Overpowered Scenes In Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball series is famous for its over-the-top action, and Dragon Ball Z features some of the series’ most overpowered scenes.

There are hundreds of hours of entertainment across the many Dragon Ball properties, and audiences are still just as invested in Goku’s ongoing adventures and pursuit of greater strength. Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z has achieved evergreen success and become one of the most popular shonen series of its generation, and a big part of the popularity can be attributed to the series’ over-the-top action.

Dragon Ball Z offers a darker and more action-centric alternative to its lighter predecessor, and the anime’s heightened battle climaxes begin to become its trademark. There’s a lot to love in Dragon Ball Z, but some of the most exciting and talked about moments involve boastful displays of power and arrogant ultimatums.

Nappa Can’t Keep Up With Goku’s Superior Speed And Kaio-Ken Strength

It doesn’t take Dragon Ball Z very long to establish that its stakes are considerably higher than its predecessor. However, one of the biggest changes of pace involves the serious culling of characters that happens during the Saiyan invasion.

Earth’s heroes do their best to stave off the Saiyans until Goku’s return from the afterlife, but they’ve suffered major losses by the time he finally arrives. Thankfully, Goku’s training with King Kai seems to have been worth the wait since he immediately bests the burly Nappa whose power was previously unparalleled. Goku’s Kaio-Ken Attack and improved base stats represent the series’ new standard of strength.

Super Vegeta Reveals Himself And Destroys Android 19

Vegeta struggles to accept the fact that Goku becomes a Super Saiyan before he does, and it sends him on an introspective journey. Vegeta confronts his demons, and only after he hits rock bottom is he able to arise as a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta proudly shows off his improved strength during the first sign of Dr. Gero’s Androids. He struts around and demands that he be referred to as Super Vegeta. Vegeta’s bold claims prove to be premature once he’s humbled by Android 18, but before this, he eliminates Android 19 and succeeds where Goku failed.

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Single-Handedly Defeats The Cell Juniors

Cell is a wicked villain whose pursuit for perfection reaches such extremes that he’s able to successfully execute Goku. Cell’s evil reaches Gohan and pushes him to transform into the first Super Saiyan 2. Gohan eventually uses this new power to take out Cell, but he first disposes of the villain’s herd of Cell Juniors.

These tiny terrors don’t look like much, but they’re equal in strength to Cell. Earth’s heroes struggle to defend themselves against the Cell Juniors, only for Gohan to tear his way through them all post-transformation. It’s the perfect way to show that the tide has turned.

Goku’s Strength Is So Intense It Causes Yakon To Explode

Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga begins with many surprises, and Babidi properly tests the heroes’ strength before he achieves his goal and brings Buu back into action. Babidi puts Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta up against some of his top-level Majin minions before they can take him on themselves.

A substantial amount of time has passed in the series, and audiences don’t know how strong Goku and Vegeta have become. Goku shows that he’s ascended to Super Saiyan 2 strength during his fight against Yakon, an alien who absorbs light energy. Goku turns Yakon’s unique ability into a disadvantage by overwhelming him with so much power that he explodes.

Future Trunks Returns To His Timeline And Takes Out The Garbage

Future Trunks becomes one of Dragon Ball Z’s most beloved characters, and he’s an individual who’s overcome incredible adversity. Future Trunks travels through time to aid the heroes and help them avoid an apocalyptic fate that’s similar to his own, but he leaves the experience stronger and more confident.

It’s extremely cathartic when Future Trunks returns to his timeline and accomplishes what was previously impossible. Future Trunks doesn’t just defeat Androids 17, 18, and Cell, but he effortlessly destroys them. He’s come a tremendous way in a short time.

Piccolo Acquires Nail’s Strength And Overwhelms Frieza’s Second Form

Piccolo doesn’t always get his due in Dragon Ball Z, and later on, it’s difficult for him to keep up with the growing achievements of the series’ Saiyans. Piccolo is still a major player when the heroes travel to Planet Namek, and he undergoes a drastic power boost when he absorbs the planet’s top Namekian warrior, Nail, through his people’s unique fusion.

This freshly empowered Piccolo rushes to aid his friends against Frieza’s intimidating second form. The heroes finally have hope once Piccolo holds his own against Frieza and forces him to once again transform. Granted, Frieza’s third form is too much for Piccolo to handle, but his contributions are still crucial.

Buu Rebels Against His Majin Master

The villains in Dragon Ball Z face their share of rebellious revolts and internal power struggles. Buu’s awakening wouldn’t be possible without Babidi’s contributions, but the Majin monster becomes his master’s undoing.

The scary thing about Majin Buu is that his staggering strength is accompanied by a child-like intelligence. He’s an unpredictable presence who’s prone to explosive outbursts. This is best illustrated when Babidi’s constant commands become too much to bear, and he lashes out at his leader. It gives a glimpse of Buu’s potential and that he has zero sense of loyalty.

Goku Arrives On Namek And Humbles The Ginyu Force

Dragon Ball Z occasionally gets repetitive with its structure, and a common idea that’s turned to sees the supporting heroes fending for themselves while they wait for Goku’s return. Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta are forced to work together to take on the Ginyu Force, but they’re still woefully overpowered.

In a thrilling sequence that echoes Goku’s defeat of Nappa on Earth, the Saiyan shows up on Planet Namek and neutralizes the rest of the Ginyu Force with minimal effort. Goku takes Burter and Jeice on at the same time and still isn’t challenged by the infamous mercenaries.

Future Trunks Bursts With Brute Strength As An Advanced Super Saiyan

A running problem that Dragon Ball Z encounters is that a new Super Saiyan transformation is typically the solution to each threat that arises. It can be difficult to maintain suspense in the interim time, and the Cell Saga experiments with some middling transformations before Gohan finally reaches Super Saiyan 2 power.

Future Trunks’ training with Vegeta led to the discovery of Advanced Super Saiyan. This bulky state is undeniably stronger than the standard Super Saiyan, but it’s too sluggish to ever be practical in battle. Nevertheless, it’s an intense moment when Future Trunks acquires this extreme muscle mass.

Goku Transforms Into A Super Saiyan 3 For The First Time And Rocks The World

Many of the most memorable moments in Dragon Ball Z involve the characters’ inspirational ascensions to new stages of Super Saiyan. Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation is the biggest spectacle in the series, and it’s such an extravagant act that it limits Goku’s remaining time on Earth.

Oddly enough, it’s not Super Saiyan 3 power that defeats Kid Buu, but this metamorphosis is genuinely intimidating. Goku undergoes a striking shift that impresses Vegeta on top of everything else. It’s the character’s peak performance in Dragon Ball Z.
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